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Peak Performance Coaching For Athletes and Performers

Sports Psychology|Dallas,Texas|Addison,Texas| Christian Sarran, LPC
Christian Sarran, LPC
Peak Performance Coach
Addressing and Recognizing Performance Blocks:

As a former collegiate athlete that struggled through my own performance blocks, I became dedicated to understanding the nervous system and finding a way for athletes to regain the confidence to perform at their best again. Through extensive training and research, I have learned performance can be negatively affected by past events, including non-performance related events, that impact the nervous system. My performance work is for all performers looking to regain their confidence. My work has been utilized with athletes with Major League Baseball, Major League Pickleball, European professional soccer and other sports including golf, tennis, and track and field.

Lost Movement Syndrome (The Yips)

Many performance blocks develop in the form of Lost Movement Syndrome (LMS), most commonly known as the "Yips", which affect a performers ability to execute a skill they once mastered with ease. LMS can develop from injuries, personal events, past performances, or early childhood experiences that has caused the nervous system to be triggered and overwhelmed beyond what it can handle. 

Yips| Dallas, Texas| Christian Sarran
A Neuroexperiential Approach to Performance

I help performers through a bottom-up, neuroexperiential approach, that targets the nervous system through a three tier approach of healing. Each approach will help the performer learn to achieve the flow or zone state as well as access frozen trauma stored in the body that traditional top-down therapy modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy cannot access.

Biofeedback|Dallas, Texas| Christian Sarran
Heart Rate Variability Training with Biofeedback

is used to help the performer develop self regulation skills to obtain getting into the flow or zone state, optimizing the brain and heart's ability to communicate with each other, developing resiliency to stress. 

Brainspotting| Dallas, Texas| Christian Sarran, LPC

is a brain-body based psychotherapy technique that utilizes the client’s field of vision to identify unresolved psychological issues. The premise of Brainspotting(See Video Here) is based on ‘where you look affects how you feel’ and through this process clients have the ability to access the parts of their brain that traditional psychotherapy approaches are unable to do. This results in clients being able to directly address the true ‘underlying’ issue (which we refer to as a Brain Spot) that shapes how the client perceives that issue. 

EMDR| Dallas, Texas| Christian Sarran
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

 is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. Includes bi-lateral eye movement, auditory, or tactile stimulation to process trauma or disturbance in the body.

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